Collab NFT Drop: Superniftyfan x Chestr Series

TL;DR — Superniftyfan x Chestr series drops on Sep 21 (Tuesday), 11:30am EST / 3:30pm UTC at 😎

Back in August we dropped the Chestr Genesis Series, which featured 27 creators + 1 spotlight collectible. The series was sold out in 2 hours, and it marked the beginning of our mission to democratize NFT discovery and distribution through relentless innovations.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been planning a new drop with the one and only Chikai Ohazama, aka @lifeofc.

Having started Superniftyfan, Chikai shares the same mission we do — to help emerging creators navigate this fast-changing NFT space by providing the tools and support they need.

We’ve been brainstorming ways to compose this drop so it will represent our mission and value, and at the same time place community at the center.

Today we’re proud to reveal the details for our next drop: the Superniftyfan x Chestr Series will be going live on Sep 21 11:30am EST / 3:30pm UTC on

What is the Superniftyfan x Chestr Series?

Similar to the Genesis Series, the Superniftyfan x Chestr Series is a community-sourced NFT drop.

Chest design by community creator @GussoAlexandro

This series features 33 mystery chests that all cost the same — each priced at the average value of the NFTs in the series, which is 0.32 ETH.

Each chest is a virtual container that can be purchased and unlocked to reveal a 1/1 NFT from top emerging creators, or a chance to reveal a spotlight collectible.

Last time the lucky winner received a BAKC#7879. What’ll it be this time? 😉

What is in the series?

For this drop, Chikai has carefully-curated 19 artworks from individual creators, 6 Superniftyfan collectibles, and 2 Hero Series collectibles. On the Chestr side, we’re contributing 5 artworks from the community, and the spotlight collectible. Each chest in the series chest has a chance of containing one of the above NFTs.

Memento design by community creator @ledjandro

In addition, each chest contains a Chestr Social Club NFT that gives you access to members-only airdrops and perks, with voting rights for Chestr’s community programs.

Oh, and each collector of this series will also receive an exclusive NFT airdrop, and a Superniftyfan x Chestr t-shirt designed by our secret guest creator — whose identity will be revealed next week… but trust us you’ll want it. 😉

We’ll also be unveiling the featured creators and the spotlight collectible leading up to the launch.

Mark your calendar — the Superniftyfan x Chestr Series will be going live on Sep 21 11:30am EST / 3:30pm UTC. Best way to be notified is to leave your email on, or follow us @ChestrNFT & @superniftyfan. Stay tuned!

Every step we take, we’re getting closer to creating a level playing field for everyone joining the creative economy.

We’re thrilled to do this with you all — let’s get started! 💪

About Superniftyfan

Superniftyfan is a tool for the NFT art fans and it is a brand that represents what we love about the NFT community. It is for those who actively collect NFTs but also for those who are just starting out. It is about artists helping artists and fans helping fans.

About Chestr

Chestr is an open network facilitating collaborations between creators and communities, currently backed by @TachyonAccel @ConsenSysMesh. For partnership or investment inquiries please reach out to

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