After two months of planning and development, we’re proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Chestr Genesis Series 🔥

The series marks the beginning of our mission to democratize NFT discovery and distribution through relentless innovations.

We invite you to join us on the ground floor, where big changes…

We’ve been busy planning the first-ever community-sourced Mystery Chest series for over a month.

We’re looking to work with 15–20 creators, to take our first step in beginning Chestr’s epic journey together.

Today we’re proud to announce that applications are now open to all creators in the community — for…

As Chestr community members already know, we are always exploring ways to support emerging creators. Some of you have already applied or have benefitted from our community support programs #1 and #2, ie. direct bidding and gas fee sponsorships — both of which we promise will continue indefinitely.

First of…

Chestr Labs

Social Marketplace democratizing NFT distribution and discovery through gamified drops

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